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Bring a touch of whimsy to your private event — whether it’s a child’s birthday, corporate holiday party, or a girls’ night out. Services include professional face paint, glitter and hand-made bling.

  • Event minimum - $150

About Claudia

Hello, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Claudia, and I’ve always wanted to be a face painter. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when my college career counselor asked about life goals, but I sure can remember the first time I had my face painted (at Pinckney Daze, holler!). From then on, I had a clear vision of myself, in white overalls (that was a very important part of the dream), chair strapped to my back. When a friend asked me to help her by painting at a circus-themed event in the summer of 2017, everything came full circle. I hiked up my overalls and began to learn this exciting, new art form.

Between my childhood obsession and now, I took quite a detour, but never far. I’ve been a painter, a caker and a chalkboard artist. With my background, I thought I would come into face painting and just knock it out of the park. Easy breezy. No problem. Oh, how wrong I was. One thing those other mediums could never prepare me for is a wiggling child. Canvases don’t move. Cakes don’t rock your table back and forth. Chalkboards don’t ask questions in line. By the end of my first few gigs, I was completely humbled. And exhausted.

I dove head first into learning. I invested in a kit of beautiful, vibrant colors, and I practiced countless tutorials on making beautiful designs as efficiently as possible. Get those kids in the chair and out. Don’t forget the glitter. I was hooked on the kids’ reactions.

When you hire a professional face painter, you hire someone who’s invested in their trade and in the happiness of your kids. You hire someone with a lifelong love for arts and crafts, with patience and kindness, and a desire to make your event unforgettable.



Love Claudia’s work and she’s so kind and patient with kids
— Katie Robinson, Owner - Blackbird Bonnets, Mother of two
Claudia is amazing... super talented & sweet!
— Tanya Luz, Owner - Muse Atelier Vintage, Mother of two


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